Coin Folders, or sometimes refereed to as Coin Boards by us old time collectors, are by far the most economical way to assemble a series of coins into a set. Jake's highly recommends Coin Folders for lower price and circulated coins. Coin Folders are great for youngsters as well as beginners just starting to collect coins.

Birth Year Coin Folders
There are two outstanding coin folders in this category. The first is titled My Birthyear Coin Set Keepsake and provides space to enter information about the newborn such as: My Name. Birthdate. Time of Birth. Height. Weight. Color of Eyes. Color of Hair. I looked Like... Because. This is a two page folder and has ports fort 6 coins from the year of birth, cent through small dollar.

The second folder which is a more deluxe version is titled My First Coin Keepsake Birthyear Through Age 5. This folder has four pages and two information pages to fill in about the baby. There are ports for 6 different year sets of coins. The year of birth, and ages one through 5 years of age. Both folders have a place on the cover for the baby's photograph.

Abraham Lincoln Bicentennial Cent Folder
This attractive commemorative coin folder folder holds many different varieties of collectible Lincoln cents that have been minted in the past 100-plus years. Created for display and for long-term storage, this historic folder will keep your coins safe and show them off for future generations.

H. E. Harris Coin Folders
Protect, beautify and catalog your entire collection with the H. E. Harris & Co. complete coin folder series. Great coin folder for the beginner.

H. E. Harris State Series Quarter Folder For The Complete 100 Coin Set 1999 - 2008
This quality H.E. Harris folder holds State Series Quarters 1999-2008 both Philadelphia and Denver Mints. 100 openings. Folder has information about each of the 50 states and a program release date for each quarter.

H. E. Harris Westward Series 2004/2005 Commemorative Jefferson Nickel Folder
This bi-fold folder makes the perfect tool for organizing the Lewis & Clark and the Westward Journey Series Commemorative Jefferson Nickels issued in 2004 and 2005.

Littleton Coin Folders
For your collecting convenience, Littleton`s exclusive new coin folders are affordably priced, yet handsome and durable. They hold your coins securely and are 6 1/2" x 8 3/8" to easily fit on your bookshelf. Keep track of your growing collection the easy and economical way with Littleton`s new custom coin folders! Great coin folder for the beginner.

Official U.S. Mint 50 State Quarter 100 100 Hole Collector's Folder 1999 - 2008
This quality U.S. Mint Brand folder holds State Series Quarters 1999-2008 both Philadelphia and Denver Mints. 100 openings.
Folders are produced from carefully selected acid-free materials to protect your coins. Folder has information about each of the 50 states and a program release date for each quarter

Presidential Dollar Coin Series
Master index page showing all of the folders, albums and coin holders we have available for the Presidential Dollar coin series.

Whitman Coin Folders
Economical way to store your coins by date and Mintmark while building towards a complete series. Great coin folder for the beginner.

Whitman Deluxe Edition National Park "P" & "D" Mint Quarter Folder
The Whitman Deluxe Edition National Park Quarter Folder, 2010 through 2021, has 120 Openings, and holds both the Philadelphia and Denver Mint Quarters.

Whitman Presidential Dollar Collector's Archive
Holds one each of the Presidential dollars issued. Measurements are: Closed, 11.25" x 10" and Open 11.25" x 20."
Includes a fold-our Presidential information page.

Whitman Presidential Dollar Commemorative Coin Folder Deluxe Edition
Whitman's Presidential Commemorative Dollar Folder Deluxe Edition includes 80 openings for your Philadelphia and Denver Mint dollar coins. Folder opens flat for all-at-once viewing and includes data pertaining to the dollar coins, as well as, Presidential facts for each President honored. A special Lock-In feature keeps your dollar coins securely in place.

Whitman State Series Quarters Collector Map
This Whitman State Series Quarter Collector Map is an oversized 3-fold folder, in full 4-color, and has a snap latch to keep it closed. Map holds one coin for each of the 50 States.
Measures 12.5" x 13.5" when folded and 37.5" x 12.5" when fully opened. As an educational tool this State Series Quarter Collector Map wins hands down against all the other Statehood quarter coin holders, folders, or albums.

Whitman Statehood Quarter Coin Folder
This fold-out three-panel Statehood Quarter coin folder is ideal for the junior coin collector and will hold one each of all the 50 State quarters. The folder also has a page of general information pertaining to the Statehood quarter series.

Whitman Tribute Edition Coin Boards
Whitman Tribute Edition Coin Boards are a commemorative reissue in the classic style of coin boards made by Whitman Publishing starting in the 1930s. Before that, collectors had few options (beyond expensive albums and cabinets) for storing their coins.

Whitman 50 State Commemorative Quarter Folder - Deluxe edition
Whitman Brand folder holds State Series Quarters 1999-2008 both Philadelphia and Denver Mints and the District of Columbia and Territorial issues. The album has 130 openings which gives you 8 extra ports for duplicates. This folder also includes a state information page which gives the following information for each State: Statehood Date, Capital, State Flower. State Bird, and the state's Nickname.

Statehood Quarter Folders
Custom folders for the 50 State Commemorative quarters.

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